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Tone classes are normally 60 minutes long. This class will focus on training the whole body using free weights, barbells and aerobic step. A variety of muscle groups will be targeted and trained whilst specific songs or tracks are playing, each muscle group will have a different song or track. The focus of these classes is to build muscular endurance by performing high repetitions.



Spin is the indoor or outdoor (outdoor facility at Rampage North) cycling workout where you ride and climb to the rhythm of powerful and motivational music. You will be taken on a journey by your Spin Instructor through hills, long flats, mountain peaks, interval training and maybe even a mini 'Tour De France'. Challenge yourself and you will discover your athlete within - sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high.




Boot camp classes are high-intensity, military-inspired workouts. Boot camp will help you burn those unwanted calories and that can be done safely by the majority of participants. Bootcamp exercise will emphasize the fundamental boot camp principles of agility, cardio, strength and endurance. If you choose to participate in our Bootcamp classes you will experience a solid 60 minute workout as well as the social aspect and competition from those who take part.




Boxing is the ultimate cross training workout. Boxing inspired, high intensity, cardio strength for men and women. Each power punch or boxfit session is an integrated boxing, plyometrics, cardio and strength and endurance workout for all abilities. Our boxing fitness classes will have you burning fat, gaining lean muscle and improving your strength and endurance. With the ability to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour- it is a great cardiovascular workout, the best way to tone your whole body including abdominal muscles as well as lower body. Whether you need to start your day on the right foot, or vent at the end of a long, stressful day, Boxing is a phenomenal stress reliever. At Boxing you learn at YOUR pace, learn the moves and gain confidence, in no time you will be sweating at our pace! Above all, there are no unfriendly faces, or attitude when you walk through the door. You do not have any physical contact in any aspect of your boxing training. You can do this just for fun or fitness – your choice..... either way you’re going to sweat!



Ankorr classes are normally 45-50 minutes long. You will be wearing a harness which will be attached to a fixed point, or to a partner/coach through carabiners on the shoulders or the waist. As you move and change directions the carabiners naturally shift around the shoulder and waist straps in order to allow unimpeded movement in any direction. Be sure to put this class in the diary as a regular occurrence. 



BALANCE: A unique blend of strength, stretch and balance exercises. This class is designed to motivate and build all over body flexibility and endurance strength. A great class to recover the body and the mind. 





Team Training is for everyone! For all ages and levels. Team Training is designed for strength and conditioning whilst giving you the edge in fitness and also increasing your energy levels. 


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Rampage Fitness North - Rampage Fitness North

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