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Personal Statement:
Health and fitness is one of my greatest passions and is something I acknowledge in all aspects of my life. As a trainer I seek to inspire, motivate and empower my clients to achieve their goals and most importantly to realise their potential. I thoroughly enjoy pushing my clients to their absolute limits through the use of a diverse range of exercises and by providing both physical and mental challenges in every session.

I believe there is nothing more rewarding than helping others achieve their personal goals, improve their self-image and build a desire for positive change. I feel truly satisfied when I see my clients strive for progress and reach their personal best.

Areas of Interest:
I specialise in weight training, interval and circuit training, weight loss and nutrition. I believe it is so important to challenge the body in different ways with every workout which is why I make sure there is variety in every workout. Outside of the gym I enjoy mountain biking, cooking and walking.

National Certificate in Fitness Level 2 & 3, Skills Active (completing) 2014

Freelance Aerobics, Tone and Spin instructor 

Contact Ashleigh on: 027 737 1436



MARK STEWART - Owner/Operator & Trainer

Personal Statement:
I am a firm believer that the things worth having in life aren’t easy to obtain. With over 10 years’ experience playing, coaching and training within a professional rugby environment I know what it takes to achieve and sustain goals. I will not only guarantee you the results you desire, but also help install that important characteristic we can all improve on, CONFIDENCE! You will find my attitude and energy 2nd
to none.

   Areas of Interest:
   Unorthodox and creative styles of training to keep the body guessing

   Strength and conditioning


   Functional body weight and circuit training

   Diploma in Sport Coaching & Development & Sport and Exercise

   National Certificate in Carpentry Trade (Just for that practical aspect of training)

   UKCC Level 2 Coaching Rugby Union

   Regional Specialist Skills Coach  - Scottish Rugby Union

   First Aid at Work Safety Training

Contact Mark on: 027 726 7243



FIONA ROSS - Owner/Operator & Trainer

Personal Statement:
Too tired…too busy…not enough time…don’t like sweating…no energy…too embarrassed…Exercise = Torture
I’ve heard lots of excuses…how about we look at exercise in a different way……..


B…Body…we need to respect our body…it needs nourishment on all levels…Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual….

A…Attitude…Surround yourself with positive people and ‘catch’ a ‘Healthy Attitude’…

L…Like…LIKE and Exercise can be in the same sentence…

A…Action…Actions speak louder than words…Take Action and eat your Words…

N…Now…Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do Today!! HERE AND NOW!

C…Choice…We have choices every moment of our lives…it’s what we do with those choices that can IMPRISON us OR SET US FREE…

E…Energy…Expending Energy will in turn produce more Energy…Would you like more Energy?

Do you need to find more BALANCE in your life?

My challenge is to find the right Balance for you…

Areas of Interest:
Running (off road), walking, yoga, golf, weight training, water and snow skiing…cooking, reading

Registered General Nurse/ Midwife

Post Grad Diploma in Sports Medicine

HPNZ Strength and Conditioner

Netfit Personal Trainer

Freelance Aerobics Instructor/ Les Mills Body Balance and RPM Instructor

First Aid Certified

Colour Consultant/ Teacher (http://aha.org.nz/)

Innerwise Coach

Contact Fiona on: 027 360 1551



  ALLAN ROSS - Owner/Operator

 Fitness & sports have always been high on my priority list. I love a challenge        whether it is in the gym, on the soccer field or with other business interests.

 I like to make everyone welcome at any of our Rampage gyms and feel that having  a good social atmosphere within the gym is the key to everyone enjoying their  training experience.

 If I can help with any of your training needs or requirements then please feel free  to email, txt or call me with any of your requests or suggestions.

 Areas of interest:

Football, Golf, Waterskiing, Running, Crossfit and enjoying a good Ozone coffee.

Contact Allan at the gym reception or on 027 363 4679 or email: allan@rampagefitness.co.nz




Personal Statement:

Joe The Body Transformer, JBT is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys seeing clients improve performance and reach their fitness goals.
Joe has been both competitively and professionally in the fitness industry since the 1980's when he played for the New Zealand American football team. Joe has also played both Rugby and Rugby League. For the past 13 years his sport of choice has been Bodybuilding where he has consistantly been placed in his category, competing in both the New Zealand and Australian circuits. From 2004 - 2008 he represented in Samoa in the South Pacific Games.

Coaching and personal training has now lead to the development of Joe the Body Transformer. Joe has been working as a personal trainer both here in New Zealand and Australia since 2003. 2015 saw Joe under the lead of Tana Umaga as Strength and Conditioning trainer for Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union. This has helped Joe understand body metabolism and individualized peak performance outcomes.

With Joes varied experience he is able to provide functional resistance training, circuit training and sports specific training such as Bodybuilding, Body Sculpting, whilst coaching and motivating to help people reach their unique, indiviualized goals. If you want to transform your body than contact JBT now.

Areas of interest:

Weightloss & Nutritional Advice
Circuit & Strength Training
Ketlebell Training
​Competition Prep & Perfect Posing
​Specific Strength, Speed & Power Training



Rugby Coaching Levels 1 & 2
​Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Netfit,NZ)
Certificate in Personal Training (etfit,NZ)
Les Mills Workshops & Professional Development
First AId Certificate


Contact Joe on: 021 110 1215



Personal Statement:

I’m passionate about using exercise as a rehabilitative tool for those suffering from the effects of injury or illness. I love exercise and get great satisfaction from sharing this passion with others. I have worked alongside physiotherapists using Pilates as well as other forms of exercise to return clients back to full health. Clients have included the elderly, stroke victims, those suffering various musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, sufferers of neurological disorders and trauma, pregnant women and those who had pelvic floor dysfunction as a result of childbirth or age. I have also worked with athletes; helping them to achieve better body awareness and movement mechanics, as well as people who just want to improve their general health and wellbeing, muscular strength, and flexibility.

Areas of interest:

I specialise in training those in the clinical populations. That includes (but is not limited to) people recovering from various musculoskeletal injuries, pre/post-natal women, sufferers of age related or general diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity etcetera. Outside the gym I enjoy running, sightseeing and spending time with my friends and family.


Bachelor of Physical Education (Otago University)

National Certificate in Fitness (Group Fitness Instruction) Level 3

National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) Level 3

Clinical Pilates Certificates Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Back in Motion Physiotherapy and Pilates)

Comprehensive First Aid Certificate (St Johns)

Contact Sarah on: 021 298 8379



Personal Statement:
I believe exercise is forlife not just for after Christmas! By adapting and changing your exercise regimen throughout your life you will maintain a healthy strong body that will make you feel and look better, cope with injuries and life changes that come your way and keep you mentally focused. 

We have only one body and we need to cherish and look after it so that we get the best we can from it. Physical goals that seemed so easily achievable in our twenties may not be within our reach in our forties and fifties but by adapting expectations with time and planning you can achieve a fit, healthy you and maybe even suprise yourselves.

Areas of interest:
Over the years I have enjoyed all forms of exercise including squash, step, circiut training ,rpm, running, orienteering and of course weights. I currently do a mixture of Body Step, Rpm, Body Pump, weights and tramping and have started to incorporate Body Balance into the mix.

Introducing people that are new to a gym environment to the benefits of exercise is my goal.


  • Diploma ITEC Anatomy and Physiology (UK 1997)
  • First Aid Certified

Contact Yvonne on: 021 181 3779




Personal Statement:
I enjoy motivating my clients and providing a positive and encouraging environment for them to achieve their goals. I have a real passion for fitness and I use this to help people to reach their full potential.


I have played representative Football for Taranaki from juniors to senior’s men’s and I am also a keen runner. 

Areas of interest:
Football, Distance Running, Speed & Agility Training, Rock Climbing, Resistance Training & Sports Rehabilitation. 


Advanced Personal Training Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 4 Netfit, 2013

Senior First Aid Certified

Rehab Trainer Certified Essentials Training, 2012 

Contact Leighton on: 021 855 706




Personal Statement:
I started weight training when I was 11 years old and since then I have developed a lifelong passion for health, fitness & training. I bring that same passion and enthusiasim into my clients training sessions by going above and beyond to get my clients results. I am a friendly, down to earth peoples person with over 20 years experience in many different training styles.

Areas of interest:
Weight Training, Martial Arts, Nutrition, Crossfit, Boxing, Interval Training, Flexibility, Meditation


Level 2 Foundation in Fitness - Skills Active 2015
Level 3 Fitness Consultant - Skills Active 2015
4th Dan Black Belt ITF International Instructor in Taekwon-Do
Rampage Fitness Freelance Boxing Instructor
Certificate in Recreation & Sport - Taranaki Polytechnic 1995
Principals of Sport Coaching Level 1, 1995 - Coaching New Zealand
First Aid 2015

Contact Hayden on: 027 359 7811

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